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Finding One of God's Jewels When Bill Petie (a literature evangelist from Brisbane) and I were on an outreach to outback Queensland in the town of Tambo (population approximately 250), we knocked on Colin's door. He could not have possibly guessed that we were the final link that would at last realise Colin's dream. As we sat and discussed his willingness to purchase the books, Colin told us an amazing story.

About 12 years previously he was living in Longreach, in outback Queensland, when a faithful Sabbath keeper, Marg, had befriended Colin and his wife, Shirley, together with their young daughter. Around that time Wilma Fox (also a literature evangelist) had gone to work in Longreach and was introduced to Colin and Shirley. The young couple purchased children's books from Wilma and shortly after everyone went their separate ways.

Marg moved to Melbourne, but kept in touch with Colin; Wilma (now retired) back to Brisbane; and Colin and Shirley separated. Colin moved to the small town of Tambo, and that is where Bill and I found him. With no Sabbath keeping church in the vicinity, Marg started to send Colin the adult Sabbath school quarterly lessons. He had been faithfully studying these lessons for the past 10 years, together with all the Discovery correspondence courses that were available. In fact, he had just completed his last lesson quarterly when we walked into his life.

This dear man had been thirsting for spiritual knowledge to such a degree that he had been writing away for material from other denominations.

He purchased more than $1200 worth of books from us and is on his way to realising his dream. “I have been waiting for 10 years to be baptised, and even though Shirley and I are separated, I would like her to be baptised with me together with our daughter.”

As there is no church close to Colin, we have handed the details to the Church for follow up and look forward to his baptism as much as he is.

The distance we had to travel to find Colin that week was more than 2500 kilometres. God has His jewels in the most out of the way places. - Matty Aronis, Northern Area

The following is some recommended reading: To discover why God calls the Catholic Church Babylon, read the origin of sun worship and Sunday Sabbath followed by paganism in the Church and the who changed the Sabbath for the real truth on how the Sabbath was changed. Number of the beast is also recommended reading and contains fascinating information on the real origin of 666 and how it originally also came from Babylon and why it now relates to the Catholic Church. The secret rapture theory and seven years tribulation reveals the truth on how this false teaching came to be and gives the real truth on the second coming of Christ. [prophecy]

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